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Ideas for Adding Fun to a Hens Party

A hens party is so much fun because you are celebrating your friend or family members on the eve of their wedding. Know the type of person you are preparing the hens party for so that you don’t disappoint her with activities that she is not into. Some of these activities will make a hens party amazing.

Host a sleepover, the traditional way of celebrating a hens party. Ensure that the home you choose will put the bride at ease. Have a budget of the items you will need including food and drinks a few weeks before the sleepover. Determine the games you will play like twister, app games, charades and more. Rent movies too. The guests should come with sleeping bags and pajamas if you do not have enough of them but buy some for the bride. The sleepover needs to be recorded on camera, therefore, find a camera for recording videos and taking photographs.

Make cocktails at home if you do not like sleepovers. The idea is quite affordable because it requires fewer things compared to a sleepover. Find out how lemonades and prepared by looking for the appropriate recipes and ensure that you purchase enough ingredients before the night. Do not limit your ingredients and let you have tried making lemonades before.

A wine and cheese night can be expensive if you’re going to invite many people, but it is perfect for a handful of guests. It is also an appropriate idea if the guests will be older members of the family.

It will be nice for you to have a potluck dinner. Decide on the theme, dress code and the dishes you will prepare on that night. Most of the potluck dinner are you paired with Italian or Mexican themes. The icing on the cake in a potluck dinner is alcohol. Seek help from everyone who is willing to help because the dinner will involve so many activities like decorating the venue, prepare the meals, welcome the guests, serve the guests and more, depending on the expected guests’ number.

How about the thrilling murder mystery night? You cannot predict how the night will end which makes the murder mystery night entertaining throughout.

The bridesmaids and organize a close-up night for the bride. Choose a house you can all fit in comfortably and bring several of your clothes. The night will be full of fun as all the guests try on garments that have been brought and the ones that fit you first are yours to take home. Guests should be considerate by ensuring that they don’t bring drugs to the party.

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