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Important Reasons to Choose a Gastric Balloon for Weight Loss

From being unable to fit in movie or airline seats to having problems walking or exercising, being overweight comes with a lot of challenges that can make your life impossible. If you are among the people who find it difficult to lose weight, you might be a good candidate for a gastric balloon. Choosing a gastric balloon to help you lose weight offers several advantages that you will find effective and appealing. Below are important reasons to consider this procedure for your weight loss.

There is no surgery involved in this procedure; this weight loss strategy takes thirty minutes at most after which the patient is allowed to go home, although the balloon remains in the stomach for the next six months. This weight loss strategy might be the best for you because the balloon is temporary and can be removed at any time under special circumstances although it should be in your stomach for six months. You should choose a gastric balloon over surgery because it is cheaper and requires less recovery time.

One of the best things about gastric balloon procedures is that you may be eligible for a gastric balloon even if you are ineligible for surgery because the criteria that are checked under surgery do not apply here. You will realize massive weight loss during the period you will have the balloon in your stomach and you can continue to lose weight and maintain healthy physiques even after it has been removed.

Insertion of a gastric balloon has fewer side effects, and complications are rare, although you may have some pain and nausea for a day or two after it has been inserted, they usually resolve on their own. If you have been struggling to lose body weight for months or years, getting a gastric balloon inserted in your stomach might be the first step to weight loss; it trains you to curb your appetite and to comply with prescribed diets to create a behavioral change.

This is the best weight loss procedure for people who are extremely obese and unable to undergo weight loss surgery because of underlying health conditions since it is very effective. Being a non-invasive procedure, choosing to have a gastric balloon inserted in your stomach helps you avoid the many side effects of surgery, including an extended period on the sidelines. You should consider having a gastric balloon inserted in your stomach because of the good reasons discussed above.

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